Thai Sticky Rice Steamer Set

Thai Sticky Rice Steamer Set

A lot of foodies and aspiring chefs would agree that cooking Asian recipes is indeed one of the more challenging things you can try.

There are many things that you should know about Asian cultures, not to mention Asian palates, before you can get the exact mixture of flavors to create a delicious Asian dish.

One popular dish in this food category is Thai steamed rice. Rice is a rather common element in Asian meals; and though it’s a rather simple and straightforward food to cook, there are many variations that you can try with it.

Steamed rice is popular among Asian menus and it takes the right equipment to help you make steamed rice with the right consistency and texture. The Thai Sticky Rice Steamer Set is one of the most popular rice steamer sets you can find in the market.

For less than 20 bucks, you’ve got yourself a nice rice steamer set which is perfect for steaming not just rice but fish, vegetables, and dumplings as well.

Key Features

Since it’s one of the cheapest products you can find in the market, most customers would choose the Thai Sticky Rice Steamer Set over other more expensive products. But aside from its very affordable price, this steamer set is a bestseller because of these other features:

  • This sticky rice steamer kit is perfect for steaming sticky rice, vegetables, and fish.
  • According to Thai cooking, no need to use cheesecloth for lining. The basket is made from woven bamboo, which keeps the sticky rice from getting too wet during steaming.
  • The steaming pot is made from aluminum and is about 8″ wide at the top and about 10″ tall.
  • Diamond Brand has been entrusted in the market with over 25 years of experience and is well known for manufacturing quality products


Made out of great quality bamboo, this rice steamer set is woven into a sturdy container that is designed to keep the rice from getting too sticky during steaming. Unlike other rice steamers, you don’t need cheesecloth for the lining when you use this set.

The pot itself is made out of high-quality aluminum material with an opening that is 8 inches wide and is about 10 inches in height. It also holds more volume than you would expect.

Coming from one of the most trusted brands that produce high-quality Asian cooking equipment, this item is guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting. Since it is very easy to clean and store, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to maintain this rice steamer set in good condition.

To top it all off, there aren’t a lot of products in the market that have all of these features which are available for less than 20 bucks.


Aside from the long delivery times since the product comes all the way from Thailand, there aren’t a lot of complaints posted for this item.


Looking closely at the construction of the woven bamboo basket and the quality of the aluminum pot, you can see that buying this steamer set is actually a very good deal. The Thai Sticky Rice Steamer Set has about the same features as the Thai Sticky Rice Set but the latter is sold at $39.99.


If you are looking for a good steamer set that you can use for a long time, this is the product to buy. It is made of high-quality materials, making it durable and long-lasting. It’s good for steaming a quart of rice. It is well-made and attractive and it really does the job of steaming quite nicely. It is indeed a very good deal for only $18.95.

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