Thai / Korean Table Top Charcoal Barbecue Bbq Grill Set

Thai / Korean Table Top Charcoal Barbecue Bbq Grill Set

Many people enjoy Saturday afternoon picnics or Sunday barbecues, especially when they are enjoyed with their families and loved ones. These moments of bonding with the people you care about are made even more priceless if shared over a table of delicious food.

One popular dish served during these occasions is barbequed food, and if you’re a foodie, a BBQ with a twist will definitely blow your mind. This is a normal reaction for those who have tried an Asian barbeque.

Western barbeques are delicious but it’s also nice to put a little twist to the flavors that you are used to.

When it comes to making or serving a Thai or Korean barbeque, there is special equipment or grill set that should be used. Unlike western barbeque which are mostly grilled outdoors, Asian barbeques are usually cooked on the dining table itself.

This Thai/Korean Table Top Charcoal Barbeque Grill Set is one of the best products you can use to do that job. It is designed to make barbecues the easy and fun way. For a little over fifty bucks, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious Asian barbecue recipes in the comfort of your respective homes.

Key Features

This Thai / Korean Table Top Charcoal Barbecue BBQ Grill Set is getting really positive feedback from customers posting on different product review sites. Checking out its features, one can justify why it’s gaining lots of recommendations from customers who’ve already tried it.

  • Strong and good materials used in the product.
  • Uses quality enamel coating.
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor BBQ use.
  • Charcoal base included.
  • Size: 12 inches (30 cm.)
  • Made in Thailand


There are a lot of things to love about the Thai / Korean Table Top Charcoal Barbecue BBQ Grill Set, but one of its main features is its functionality. It’s not just made for grilling; you can make soup and cook vegetables on it as well.

Created using strong and high quality materials, this grill set is expected to last for a long time. It has quality enamel coating which protects the main material from heat, that’s why it is very durable. And this tiny BBQ set comes with its own charcoal base so you won’t need another source of heat to make it work.

It comes in a rather simple design that looks almost the same as a normal pan, making it very easy and convenient to clean and wash. It’s good for small and intimate dinner events. This is an excellent indoor barbeque set but it can be used for outdoor picnics and barbecues as well. It’s very affordable and offers multiple functions.


Although it cooks great and is very easy to use, since this is rather small it’s only good for small dinner parties. If you’d like to cook for more than five people, you’ll need at least two of these.


When it comes to design and features, the Thai / Korean Table Top Charcoal Barbecue BBQ Grill Set is almost the same as the Thai Korean Japanese Style BBQ Grill Steak Hot Pan + Stove Set Kitchen Ware. Although the latter is slightly more affordable, a $3 difference is not really felt considering that it has almost the same features.


For a little over fifty bucks, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this handy barbecue grill set. It’s an excellent grill partner for small dinner and lunch events with family and friends.

You can use it for indoor cooking. And with its compact and lightweight construction, it’s easier to carry around and bring to outdoor picnics.

It’s sturdy and is guaranteed to last for a long time. Since it is very easy to clean and maintain, you can expect it to have a long lifespan.


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